Prashanna Panthee

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~ Things We Do ~

These are the field of our expertise

FullStack Web Development

A complete frontend and backend development combined with complete Dev/Ops solution.

Automated CI/CD

A faster development cycle with Continuous Development and Continuous Integration code pipelines.

Mobile Apps & API

Android & iOS Apps with Kotlin/Java, Swift & React Native framework complete with lightweight Web APIs.

Machine Learning

Build your new app tested ML models using TensorFlow and Keras Models.

Desktop Applications

Software development for desktop computers.

Internal Network Applications

Multi User Network Application for Schools, Hospitals, Stores, Bank etc.

Database Management

Database Designs, Refining, Migration to New System,etc.

Data-Analytics Applications

Data Visualization software for statistical study or research.

Google Cloud Applications

Set up cloud base application using Google Cloud APIs

Tools We Use

Tools & Technology We Use

  • Laravel

  • iOS-Swift

  • Android-Kotlin

  • Python

  • Node JS

  • React Native

  • JavaScript

  • WordPress

  • PHP

  • Angular JS

  • MySQL/MariaDB

  • JAVA

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